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OMER for the friends - forklift for T2-T3-T4

This can be the solution for delivering palettes with a maximum weight of ± 450 kg/pallet where it is impossible to deliver with truck.

useful for deliveries at trade shows: goods can be delivered on-site.

!!!! weight of Omer: 200 kg (loading capacity-400 kg)

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TYPE 7 possibility with truck mounted forklift

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Mercedes Actros for the express service !

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' Omer ' He facilitates loading and unloading at T 2-3-4!!!

This could be the solution for the delivery of pallets with a maximum weight of +/- 450 kg ( 990 lbs ) at locations where it is impossible to deliver with a track .

Very handy for delivery to trade fairs : goods can be delivered to the exact location.

!!!! forklift 's net weight : 200 kg ( 440 lbs ) payload : +/- 300 kg

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We look after both materials and service !

In 2014 , Demolans started using the most modern and newest car wash so that we can ensure sparkling delivery of your products at your customers !